Plastic Neti Pot

Plastic Neti Pot

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Plastic Neti Pot - ideal for travelling and for safe use at home.
This product is widely used in India namely by yoga practitioners to clean the nostrils and sinuses improving the quality of life of people with rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. Nowadays, neti pots also found their way to the Western world and are used not only by yogis and yoginis. Many people found out that a daily cleaning routine with a neti pot can help to prevent colds, sinus problems and nasal allergies.

Benefits of using a Plastic Neti Pot:
- clearing mucus and alleviating sinus infections, colds and flues
- reduces snoring and breathing problems
- helps against allergy symptoms
- avoids nasal dryness
- reduces headaches
- helps when having problems with smell and taste

Product Details of the Plastic Neti Pot:
Weight: 23 g

How to use the Plastic Neti Pot:
Sterile water, which is free of bacteria and viruses, is recommended for use in neti pots.
A mixture is made with tepid, sterile water and salt to be applied in the nostrils.
While leaning over a sink, turn your head to the side. Your forehead and chin should ideally be on the same level. Open your mouth and start to breathe through your mouth, insert the spout of the neti pot into your upper nostril. Very slowly pour the liquid into the nostril and wait for it to drain through the lower nostril. Once, the water has finished, remove the spout carefully from your nostril and gently blow your nose. Repeat the procedure through the other nostril.

Care of the Plastic Neti Pot:
After every use, clean the plastic neti pot with warm water. Dry it well, and store in a clean, dry area.

If you are looking for an alternative to plastic, we offer a ceramic neti pot in our online shop.