Therapeutic Cushion Sukha

Therapeutic Cushion Sukha

Handmade in Portugal

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Pillows filled with natural grains and aromatic herbs that conserve heat or cold in a natural way.

This pillow is half-moon shaped, measures 36 cm and weighs about 1.1 kg. To be placed around the shoulders giving you great comfort and relief of pains and strains, even maintaining a posture standing, sitting or even moving.

The cushions can be placed in the microwave or refrigerator-freezer (in this case inside a tightly closed plastic bag) to have the desired effect.

Cold application is great for relieving pain from uninjured blows.

The hot application is used especially for relaxation, abdominal pain or to replace the hot water bottle.

The cushions are used by physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage centers, rehabilitation centers, health homes and hospitals.