Becalm Balls & Joy-a-Toes

For Head and Toes. Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders help to relax your feet, stimulate circulation and open energy channels.
Becalm Balls - for effective relaxation - are placed behind the head for only a few minutes and allow your body to repair and renew itself. 

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  • Becalm Balls
    Becalm Balls - Relax and renew yourself in a few minutes. Becalm Balls interrupt the body’s stress cycle and allow you to experience instant relaxation that deepens and grows into a state of absolute calm. They trigger the body's natural ability to achieve what is called a therapeutic "staging poin..
  • Joy-a-toes - Toes Spreader
    Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders - yoga for your feet. Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders are made of a comfortable gel material that you can work with during your yoga practice or whenever you need to relax your feet, stimulate your circulation or increase flexibility and strength of your feet. Once placed, they ..