Becalm Balls

Becalm Balls

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Becalm Balls - Relax and renew yourself in a few minutes.
Becalm Balls interrupt the body’s stress cycle and allow you to experience instant relaxation that deepens and grows into a state of absolute calm. They trigger the body's natural ability to achieve what is called a therapeutic "staging point." When placed behind the head for only a few minutes they will allow your body to repair and renew itself.

Product Details of Becalm Balls:
Material: Foam
Weight: 0.15 kg
Dimensions: 17x7x7 cm

Details on how to use Becalm Balls:
We recommend to lay down on a comfortable, flat surface, ideally on a yoga mat. Optional, you can place a pillow under your head. Ensure to drink enough water before using Becalm Balls. Place the Becalm Balls behind your head in a way that t
heir width match your eyes, or slightly wider. You should feel a comfortable inward pressure and the balls should not slip up or down. Use them for 5-15 minutes. You should experience immediate effects of relaxation and a state of calm.

When NOT to use Becalm Balls:
within 4 months of intra-cranial bleeds or serious head injury
- during the first trimester of pregnancy
- when pregnant by pharmaceutical intervention
- with a cerebral aneurism
- with brain tumours

Benefits of using Becalm Balls:
- relaxation
- calm mind and meditative ease
- better mental focus
- renewed energy
- reduction of pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches