Joy-a-toes - Toes Spreader

Joy-a-toes - Toes Spreader

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Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders - yoga for your feet.
Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders are made of a comfortable gel material that you can work with during your yoga practice or whenever you need to relax your feet, stimulate your circulation or increase flexibility and strength of your feet. Once placed, they create an open, connected quality through your feet and help the process of repairing the myofascial network supporting the entire body.

Available sizes:
small and large. It is recommended that you start with the small ones. Over time, the large size can be used to create an even deeper opening/gap.

Product Details of Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders:
Material: Comfortable, soft gel (TPE)
Weight: 80 gr
Dimensions: 11.5x8x3.5 cm

Benefits of using Joy-a-toes, toe spreader:
- relax and rejuvenate tired and swollen feet
- realign the bones and soft tissue
- stimulate circulation
- increase flexibility and strength
- open the energy channels and revitalizes the body
- a good tool as a foot ailment and bunion corrector

Use of Joy-a-toes, toe spreaders:
Place the toe spreaders on each foot in a way that the largest pillar is located in the space between the big toe and second toe. The three smaller pillars go between the other toes. If the little toe is over-stretched or the last pillar does not go into the space between the fourth and little toe, you may try shaving this pillar down or removing it completely. It is normal, that you might need an adjustment period when starting to wear your joy-a-toes, toe spreaders. In case you feel an ache from the stretch or your toes go numb, use them for a shorter time.
Suggestion: 5-20 min, 3 times a day
With the time, your feet start to realign and open and you will be able to wear joy-a-toes, toe spreaders for longer periods.

Care of Joy-a-toes, toe spreaders:
Wash your Joy-a-Toes with hand or dish soap and hot water. They are also machine washable. In case your toe spreaders lose their original shape, use boiling water, place it into a bowl and soak them for approximately 15 minutes. Remove them and wait that they have cooled down before using them again.