Eco Jute Mat

Eco Jute Mat

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Jute Eco Yoga Mat - Back to Nature
The Jute Eco Yoga Mat is an ecological yoga mat made from natural plants: 100% natural rubber (contains latex) and inner jute scrim. (The scrim is the material used in the inner section of the mats.)
It guarantees an excellent grip, non-slip.
Important: Because this is made from natural materials, it may have slight irregularities.

This Jute Eco Yoga Mat is made in UK,  produced with sustainable / plant-based materials
No glues - No animal products

Available colors: purple, grey, green

Jute Eco Yoga Mat Product Details:
Material: 100% natural rubber (contains latex) and inner jute
Weight: 2kg
Dimensions: Length: 183 cm - Width: 63 cm - Thickness: 4 mm

Jute Eco Yoga Mat Use & Care:
We recommend washing it by hand. Wipe dry or with a damp cloth and let your Jute eco yoga mat dry completely before use. For maximum life, when not being used, it is advisable to keep it rolled up in a dry, sheltered place.

Additional information about Rubber/ Latex & Jute:

Rubber/ Latex
comes from a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis and is a lectin from the bark. The Indians of the Amazon rain forest called this rubber tree 
Caoutchouc or the tree that weeps as the latex drips through channels scored into the bark. Trees can be tapped for up to 30 years after which they can be used for building or furniture construction.

Jute is a sustainable plant that is grown in regions of India and Bangladesh in a 4 month period just prior to the rainy season. It is fast growing and uses land that would otherwise be dormant at that time so increasing revenue for farmers.