Yoga Sets

With our Yoga sets, you will save money and get what you need for your yoga and meditation practise: a mat, zafu, mini bolster, bag, block or strap. A great gift for yourself or your yoga family and friends.

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  • Yoga Set ¨Natural Basic¨ - Mat, Belt & Block
    Save 10%! The perfect yoga set for beginners and advanced practitioners. Get a yoga mat, cork block and cotton belt in one yoga set and save money. The Yoga set "Natural "Basic" contains a Santosha mat + cork block + India belt (3 m). Details Santosha Mat: It is a mat made in PVC and with..
  • Yoga Set “Relax“ - Zafu & Mini Bolster
    Save 10%! The Yoga Set "Relax", containing a zafu and mini bolster, is the perfect set for meditation and gentle body work, such as yin yoga, restaurative yoga, yoga nidra and any kind of body work that aims on relaxing the muscles and support your neck, knees, hips or shoulders. The zafu and mi..
  • ¨Yoga Mat & Bag¨ Set
    Save 10%! For Traveler Yogis or the ones of you that like to take their own mat to class. The "Yoga Mat & Bag" Set is the perfect choice for you. Consisting of: Santosha Yoga Mat + Yogam OM Mat Bag. Details Santosha Yoga Mat: It is a mat made in PVC and with a inner jute netting. Exce..