OM Symbol

OM Symbol

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OM it’s the most important symbol in Hinduism and every prayer and invocation to most deities begins with it.
As the symbol of piety, the OM symbol is often found at the head of letters, pendants, enshrined in every Hindu temple and family shrines. This symbol is actually a sacred syllable representing the Brahman or the Absolute - the source of all existence. Brahman, in itself, is incomprehensible so a symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the unknowable.

Many yoga classes begin and end with the chanting of OM three times. This helps to bring the energy of the group in harmony, allows every single student to tune into themselves and turn the attention inward to be fully present in a yoga class. The three OMs represent the three worlds of the soul: the past, the present and the future.

Chanting the OM has both physical and mental effects: it calms our mind and nervous system, especially as nature and chanting AUM vibrates at the same frequency of 432 Hz.

Details of the OM symbol:
Material: 100% brass
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