Eco-Friendly Lotus Bag (Compact)

Eco-Friendly Lotus Bag (Compact)

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Lotus Bag - a handy, compartmentalized bag with 6 inner pouches for packaging vegetables and fruits.
The eco friendly, reusable lotus bag is a plastic-free bag made from 100% organic cotton. It has a simple but at the same time beautiful design, available in earth tones and also printed. You can use this eco friendly bag for shopping and thanks to its versatility also in other occasions or for other products. Let´s make together a better planet by using plastic-free bags.

Details of the eco-friendly Lotus Bag:
Material: organic cotton
Dimensions: 42cm (width) x 15cm (bottom) x 31cm (height)
Weight: 190 g
You can carry +/- 10 kg and 8 kg correspondingly.
This Lotus bag model comes with a small bag for packing and making it smaller when not using it.

Care of the eco-friendly Lotus Bag:
The lotus bag is hand and machine washable at 40° C.

We are also offering another model of the lotus bag: made of canvas.