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Who is Patanjali and what are the Yoga Sutras?

Patanjali Sandalwood Statue

Patanjali, also known as the „father of Yoga“, is the creator of the Yoga Sutras which is probably the most ancient and complete text about yoga which is full of wisdom and explains the highest understanding of human nature and the connection between body, mind and soul...

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Interview with Ana Milhazes, Founder of Lixo Zero Portugal (Zero Waste)

Ana Milhazes, founder of Lixo Zero Portugal

Ana Milhazes, the founder of Lixo Zero Portugal, the Zero Waste movement in Portugal,

is one of the pioneers of plastic-free shopping and a more sustainable lifestyle. We have interviewed her for our blog about how the idea of Lixo Zero Portugal came up, what personally means a more sustainable lifestyle for her and what is her personal desire for the future on our planet.

Enjoy reading the full interview. (Photo: Tiago Martins)

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What is a zafu?

zafus and meditation cushions

The word zafu originates from the word zazen meaning "sitting meditation“.

In the Western world, zafu refers to a meditation cushion that helps to find a comfortable seating position during meditation practice or can also be used as support in certain yoga postures (asanas).

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The New Year and the Power of Intention

(Sanksrit: Sankalpa…san, meaning "a connection with the highest truth," and kalpa, meaning „vow" )meditation cushion and zabuton

The change of the year is always a good opportunity to reflect the old year, letting go of the past, useless habits, unwished thoughts and also beings that are not meant to share your personal journey with you… and it is a great moment to set intentions for the new year… a new cycle.

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How to use body, mind and emotions to keep PRANA (vital energy) vibrant

Yoga and Meditation in Portugal

When we find ourselves unsatisfied and complaining about life for lack of time, lack of money or other things...
we can realize or observe that we have the power to change some priorities to activate, know, energize and restructure our own organism (our vital energy - Prana) with the intention to feel good.
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Zen Furniture - a good alternative for your home or yoga studio that meets physical, natural alignment

Zen Furniture for your yoga and meditation practice

- How Zen Furniture can help to deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice - 
Zen is a millenary tradition, inspired in the rhythms of nature, meditation, simplicity and silence. These attributes are also found in the design of Zen furniture. 
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Yoga is much more than a physical exercise

For people in general, Yoga is just a physical exercise and just like any other can bring general well being.
However, Yoga is much more than a physical exercise of high difficulty. Yoga is a highly advanced technology for the evolution of mankind!

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What is a Rudraksha japamala?

Rudraksha Japa MalaRudraksha is an energy-bearing seed.

This sacred seed is a symbol of spirituality, fearlessness and a source of power, health, peace and prosperity. The benefits of Rudraksha can be felt at the level of body and mind.

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Yoga is union, and our purpose is that!

The founder of

The idea is, to have a website that gathers products to support the practice of yoga but also supports and develops this concept of union.
In terms of products we have focused on good quality and useful materials, the most commonly used in the practice of the development of physical postures, because according to Patanjali (philosopher, doctor who wrote the Yoga Sutras treatise) this is our first access door to liberation of the body (knowledge and detachment).


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