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Zen Furniture - a good alternative for your home or yoga studio that meets physical, natural alignment

Zen Furniture for your yoga and meditation practice

- How Zen Furniture can help to deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice - 
Zen is a millenary tradition, inspired in the rhythms of nature, meditation, simplicity and silence. These attributes are also found in the design of Zen furniture. 
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Yoga is much more than a physical exercise

For people in general, Yoga is just a physical exercise and just like any other can bring general well being.
However, Yoga is much more than a physical exercise of high difficulty. Yoga is a highly advanced technology for the evolution of mankind!

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What is a Rudraksha japamala?

Rudraksha is an energy-bearing seed.

This sacred seed is a symbol of spirituality, fearlessness and a source of power, health, peace and prosperity. The benefits of Rudraksha can be felt at the level of body and mind.

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Yoga is union, and our purpose is that!

The idea is, to have a website that gathers products to support the practice of yoga but also supports and develops this concept of union.
In terms of products we have focused on good quality and useful materials, the most commonly used in the practice of the development of physical postures, because according to Patanjali (philosopher, doctor who wrote the Yoga Sutras treatise) this is our first access door to liberation of the body (knowledge and detachment).


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