Zen Furniture - a good alternative for your home or yoga studio that meets physical, natural alignment


Mobília Zen para sua prática de yoga e meditação

- How Zen Furniture can help to deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice - 

Zen is a millenary tradition, inspired in the rhythms of nature, meditation, simplicity and silence. These attributes are also found in the design of Zen furniture. 

Nowadays, the physical nature of our human body is often forced to adopt incorrect postures, first because of long working hours with an almost constant forward flexion, often in very stressful work environments. Second, by general ignorance about how our body works… physical, mental, emotional and energetic. These four bodies should be in alignment to reach fulfillment, happiness in life and enjoy a healthy body, mind and soul.

A healthy, natural posture can be reached or maintained thanks to the use of Zen furniture… not only during a yoga or meditation practice but also at your home. We aim to provide alternatives to the common and widespread use of sofas and chairs that are a frequent cause of poor posture.

Creating a home, living room, bedroom, or wherever you like with Zen furniture, cushions or other Zen items will help you to develop your personal practice, to dedicate daily a few minutes to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to gradually increase the desire to know your body better and discover that we are spectacular beings.

Using Zen furniture during activities such as watching television, listening to music or reading help you to experience the benefits that a correct posture can offer and to understand body sensations while observing how the body, mind and breath react ...

Inspired by our travels and yoga studies, we have carefully selected Zen furniture for you which you can find in our online shop or Showroom in Portimão, Portugal.


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