How to use body, mind and emotions to keep PRANA (vital energy) vibrant


Meditation in Portugal

On one hand we have a society dedicated to developing our general well-being to the extreme and on the other hand we find ourselves with lack of time, endless commitments, various diseases and dissatisfactions. This scenario is the result of these extremes: a lot of work and a very sedentary lifestyle with excess of food without quality, etc.

By practicing yoga regularly we can use contemplation in conjunction with other specific exercises to help us cultivate equanimity, intentional focus and activitate our Prana (vital energy). It is through this practice that we learn to recognize and observe the movements of our mind and thoughts, thus being able to identify our "likes and dislikes," judgments that are at the root of much of our suffering.

By consciously diminishing these opposites we will gradually create stability, inner balance and the flow of Prana.

Through meditation, the vocalization of mantras, psychophysical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), techniques of deep relaxation, study of the scriptures (practiced regularly and for a long period), we can create the capacity to manage difficult moments. Making use of body, mind and emotions as useful tools to keep strength and our Prana, vital energy vibrant.

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