The New Year and the Power of Intention


Yogini meditating

Intentions, Sankalpas, are formed by the heart and mind and help to realize your desires, dreams, projects…. The life you want to live. 

Repeating intentions regularly help to focus on your goal and keep your mind, heart and soul connected with your true self and the divine. A sankalpa can be a single word, a short phrase or sentence and remains private to you and is usually not something to share with another person. What also helps and sets a seed in your unconsciousness is visualizing your intention. It has the positive effect to awaken the willpower within you by uniting the consciousness with the unconsciousness.

Intentions are not only a wonderful tool during the change of the year. They can be also made before any sadhana or beginning of any yoga practice, before meditation, or even at the start of your day. During seated meditation, sankalpa mudra (a hand gesture) connects the right and left sides of the brain so the mind, spirit and body can work cooperatively to bring positive changes. In this mudra, turn the palm of your left hand up, and the right hand covers the left with the palm facing down. Your personal sankalpa is then repeated.

The idea of repeating a sankalpa is to create the life we are meant to embrace and enjoy.
If you have never tried to set intentions, it is always the right moment to start. Try it and see, feel and welcome the positive changes in your life.