Yoga is union, and our purpose is that!


Catarina, the founder of Yogamaterial.comThe idea is, to have a website that gathers products to support the practice of yoga but also supports and develops this concept of union.In terms of products we have focused on good quality and useful materials, the most commonly used in the practice of the development of physical postures, because according to Patanjali (philosopher, doctor who wrote the Yoga Sutras treatise) this is our first access door to liberation of the body (knowledge and detachment).

However, the tools that Yoga has go far beyond the asanas, so we have been enlarging the numbers of products so that we can offer solutions in the practice of meditation, pranayama and mantras, to all practitioners and with varying levels of flexibility to sit down with well being and comfort allowing a correct ergonomic posture.

The wellness materials vary from creams to therapeutic pillows ... These products help avoid using painkillers to maintain a greater attention towards awareness of the signs of imbalance in our body.
As it is a long practice towards the unknown, the ambient and the devotion (Bhakti yoga) are forms of great support on the way (Sadhana). To make a sacred space of practical transformation and devotion, is something that more people seek because we need a calm and inspiring  ambient to develop the different practices. The adornments, as a reminder of commitment to practice, could not be lacking like necklaces and pendants with symbols and intentions.

We also develop an agenda of events to keep you informed about some Yoga events, fairs, classes, workshops and retreats and other practices that contribute to the development of individual and universal awareness!
It is our purpose and desire that our commitment collaborate in some way for the overall development of your being.