Yoga is much more than a physical exercise


For people in general, Yoga is just a physical exercise and just like any other can bring general well being.

However, Yoga is much more than a physical exercise of high difficulty. Yoga is a highly advanced technology for the evolution of mankind!

A priori physical exercise (the body) is used to provide an efficient contact with physical sensations, mental activity, limitations, and emotions.
As we are rather distanced from ourselves, we are unfamaliar with the functioning of our organism. This lack of knowledge brings with it great difficulties in managing our own strength. It is essential through regular practice to transcend into something different, a source of energy that we do not know.
Physical exercises coupled with breathing techniques, different vocalizations, and guided relaxation help create a space between being and thought. With practice we are observing and discovering that we can choose exactly what we think.
This is where the discipline of practice comes in, for the most important thing is to train the mind to that end, the mind is the tool we use to create the life we want.
The key word is focus (Drishti), keep the mind focused. It's knowing exactly what you want and maintaining that direction without doubts.
Our body is an accumulation of everything we live and experience and has an incredible memory. By looking at ourselves we have the opportunity to question, evaluate, feel and then work. Start the way inwards. (Sadhana).
Patanjali explains that we have several layers (Koshas) and the work to be done starts in the physical, passing to the mind and emotions and then to the body of energy.
Asanas create physical energy, meditation creates mental and emotional energy, and vocalizations and breathing techniques transform energy.
For this difference to be felt by each one of us, we need the commitment to our own process with our being. It takes something that most complains about not having ... And it's not money ... It's TIME, which for me is translated only in delivery, delivery to a process that requires assertive and pleasant practices, but also the time to integrate and unveil, unmask and drop what no longer serves us.