What is a Rudraksha japamala?


Rudraksha NecklaceThe Rudraksha japamala is a necklace with 108 + 1 seeds. It is used to develop tranquility and concentration and used by yogis and monks since antiquity. Rudraksha is a seed of a tree (Eliocarpus ganitrus) that grows in South Asia, especially in the Himalayas and is known for its literal meaning of:'' The tears of Shiva ''

Rudraksha japamalas support physical and mental balance. They are used as an oracle, object of consecration, healing and for the support of the internal search for knowledge and peace. When used regularly the energy of the person remains as if it were stored in a cocoon, protecting that person from negative energies. Our japamalas have 5-sided seeds and were chosen because they are recommended for anyone regardless of their intention. We have two sizes of 8 mm and 5 mm in which the smaller ones are rarer to find, however any size has the same quality, impact and benefits,Rudrakshas can be used all the time by men, women and children, even when sleeping or when taking a (cold) bath as long as  you do not use products with chemicals, as this can damage the seeds. When you buy your Rudraksha japamala you should take care of it by affirming and consecrating your intention by putting it in ghee or mustard oil for 24 hours and then in milk for another 24 hours, then remove and wipe the excess. Do not use soap. Repeat every 6 months. Broken Rudraksha seeds should not be used.