Blocks and Bricks

Cork blocks and foam bricks have become the most used materials for Yoga and Pilates practise. They are a great support both for beginners as advanced practisioners.

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  • Yoga & Pilates Cork Block
    If you are starting out in yoga, the blocks are a great help as they allow you to modify the postures to your level. The blocks are so versatile and practical in our practice that together with the rug has become the most used materials in all yoga chains. Environmentally Healthy - This item is both..
  • Foam Yoga Block
    The foam blocks are made of lightweight and dense material, thus facilitating support, stability and alignment of the body in different postures. The foam is pressed, non-toxic and of the best quality on the market. Very resistant to weight. Dimensions: 305 x 205 x 50 mm. Weight: 240 g ..