Weight Bags

The weight bags, just like the blocks, belts and blankets, are extremely versatile. You can use them in any type of practice. In addition to being soothing, they can be used to add a little extra weight to encourage deeper opening into certain postures and help to release resistance.

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  • Savasana Hand Pads
    We create hand-held pads that promote rapid mental deconditioning for deep, conscious, and enjoyable relaxation during your restorative practices. The cushions are filled witjh treated sand, are heart-shaped and sold in pairs. Available in various colors. Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm. Weight (..
  • Weight Bag
    These bags are made to induce deep relaxation and decompression. By putting extra weight on ourselves we create a deeper awareness in certain postures helping to eliminate resistance. Rectangularly designed for good weight distribution, with a removable, washable outer cover and two handles to help ..