Zafus & Zabutons

Feel comfortable in your sitting posture during meditation and Pranayama practice. Our zafus and zabuton, handmade in Portugal, guarantee extra comfort and support for your knees or ankles. Available in a variety of lively colors.

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  • Meditation Cushion „Almond Blossoms“ inspired by Van Gogh
    For the meditation cushion, this time it was in the Netherlands that we found inspiration for a special edition of our zafus. Meditate with the Art of the Painter Van Gogh who represents the idea of rebirth in his art work "Almond Blossom". The flowering tree heralds the beginning of spring and the ..
  • Round Meditation Cushion (Special Edition)
    SPECIAL EDITION! India is full of colors. We found these colorful silk fabrics in one of our journeys to India and considered them as beautiful covers for our zafus, bolsters and meditation cushions. This round meditation cushion is the perfect choice for your daily meditation practice, for supp..
  • Zafu (round)
    This round zafu is the simplest and the most used in daily practice. Being malleable, it promotes a comfortable, correct and ergonomic seating. Its shape allows its use in various postures. The round zafu has a side handle that facilitates its transportation during trips, retreats, festivals and in ..
  • Zafu (half moon)
    Very comfortable for beginners is also preferred by meditation practitioners.The half moon zafu´s drawing is made to help one sit upright, relaxed and with happy haunches. It provides a broad base of support, stable and with room to bend your ankles close to the body. The half moon zafu has a reinfo..
  • Zabuton
    A zabuton has its origin in Japan, where it was used as a cushion for sitting during meditation, studying, reading or if you simply prefer to sit on the floor. Zabutons are square or rectangular, flat pillows that are used as a base for zafus or other supporting pillows. This zabuton is like a small..